Read A Book Day! [2018Sept07 Meeting]

Attendees (Sept 7, 2018)

  • Henry Hum
  • Maria Tao
  • Grace Wong
  • Rob Chalmers
  • Mario Melone


Theme: National Read A Book Day


Agenda Item Role Minutes
Welcome and Introduce Guests Toastmaster Grace greeted All and Kicked Off the Mtg on Schedule.

Grace updated 1 Role(s) due to regret(s), Henry was added as Timer.

There were no Guest(s) today.

Toast/Invocation Opening Speaker Grace Prepared a Toast related to our Theme: National Read A Book Day

She also mentioned about a 30 pg novel that her Son wrote and of her plans to read the Book “Crazy Rich Asians”

Word of the Day Wordmaster Henry presented us with the Word “Evocation”, which is an adjective often used to describe a book reading. The word means to “bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind”.

He challenged us to use the Word 10 times.

Joke of the Day Humourist Rob got us laughing with a Joke Regarding a Man, his Ostrich and his wishes
Innovation Corner Innovation Leader Maria enlightened us by speaking about the state of Health Care in Canada. She included some very interesting facts and statistics with data from WHO, the physician profession and comparison of the Health Benefits/Insurance Coverage between different Provinces.
Speaking Session    
Speech #1  
Introduce speech project/objectives Evaluator #1 NA
Introduce speaker Toastmaster NA
Speech/Presentation Speaker #1 NA
Silent evaluation Club  NA
Table Topics (4 x 2 min) Table Topics Master Mario asked members to speak on various topics related to our theme “Read A Book”.


He prepared the Room well by bringing a small Library of interesting books that appealed to all.


There was enough time for 2 rounds of Table Topics.


Each Members were asked to speak about a Unique Table Topic ranging from :

  • How and why you started reading
  • Favorite book(s)
  • Promoting a Book
  • The future of Books and Reading
  • What kind of book we could author
  • Books that should be read in Grade School
  • etc
Break All Delicious Treats were provided as usual. Thank u Grace
Evaluation Session
General Evaluator’s Introduces Eval. Team General Evaluator Maria introduced the Evaluation Team.

Maria and Team (Henry, Rob) gave an outstanding and detailed Report on each member.

Evaluate Speech #1 Evaluator #1 NA
Quiz Master Quizmaster Henry quizzed the Members. He thoroughly tested us in all areas.
Grammarian’s Report Grammarian Rob provided the Grammarian’s Report. He had excellent advice for all.

Henry used a lot of filler words during Table Topics.

Rob reported that the use of the “Word Of The Day” was used 9 times (5 times by Grace). Therefore, we were 1 short of target.

Timer Report Timer Henry provided the Timer’s Report. He detailed and reported on individual timings for each Member. Overall, the meeting was run on Schedule.
General Evaluator’s Report General Evaluator Maria wrapped up with a General Evaluation. Her detailed evaluation and feedback were much appreciated. She had lots of compliments on where we did well. She also had lots of feedback on areas to improve.
Closing Toastmaster
Table Topics Winner Table Topics Master Mario presented the Table Topics Award to Maria. Her table topic presentation on the Future Of Books and Reading was well presented.
Guests comments Guests NA
Announcements President NA
Agenda for upcoming meetings VP Education Unfortunately, Raghavendra will no longer be able to join us.

The next executive mtg is planned for Lunch Time on Friday, Sept 21

Announcements and recognition VP Membership Rob reminded us that Membership renewal is coming up.
Closing Thought Closing Speaker Henry concluded by speaking about the Theme and reminding us what a Book is. A book is not an email, tweet or website. In our spare time, we should put away the electronic devices and pick up a traditional Novel instead.
Meeting Adjourned


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Welcome 2018 Club Exec!

We had a transition meeting from the old to new executive

 These are old/new Roles;

Pres – Linda – Grace

VP ED – Grace – Raghavendra

VP Mem – Rob – Rob

VP PR – Maria – Maria

Treas – Rob – Rob

SAA- Mario – Mario

Sec – Mario – Henry

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All or Nothing Day! [2018July26 Meeting]

All or Nothing Day ,  was the theme for tonight


Last Minute Regrets from Michel, so Linda took over his quizmaster role.


Mario was Toastmaster , and explained how tonights theme was kind of a sequel to last weeks Table Topics session , dealing with Moral/Ethical questions that can carry over to this weeks living life to its fullest.


Grace led off – told us about Mission Impossible and how Tom Cruise gave it his all to fulfill his role in the movie without using stunt doubles, and how we can also Give Your All in our everyday lives, we don’t have to be a movie star.  We toasted to ALL or Nothing.


Word of the day from Raghavendra was INCHMEAL –  adverb :

by inches; little by little.
We were challenged to use the word 14 times (twice each) and got to within 80% of the target by nights’ end.


Great Joke from Linda keeping in line with the theme, about Stakes being too high and sometimes people choose not to jump for it, and that’s ok too.


Henry gave an Enlightening Innovation Corner all about Solar Panels for the  home, and how you can generate electricity and $$ for yourself, the ROI is slow and a roommate might be less trouble than Solar Panels.


Mario had an All or Nothing Challenge that was offered to the group, Maria bravely accepted All , She opened a mysterious noisy box that she had to agree to take home with her, much to everyones relief a toy was making the noise and Maria got a bag of Werthers Candies as a reward.


Then Grace was asked to take over the Table Topics session as Mackenzie was away tending to an injured Turtle.  Hope he/she is OK!

we all got a chance to tell a story about :

Raghavendra : Going away to Mars

Henry: Limbo dancing with Barney the Purple Dinosaur and his daughter

Linda: The subtle difference between being a Head Chef and having your Head cut off

Maria: Happy receiving a sick Dog and Crying when it died the next day

Rob:  He is not argumentative but will talk it out , especially at the Bar.

Mario: His son was the goalie against Wayne Gretzky and other NHLers.

Mario won the Table Topics prize !


Grace – brought some awesome home made Lemon Poppy Seed Cake


Maria was the General Evaluator and did a Great job  leading the team of:

Linda – Quizmaster – proved we were good listeners, we had to remember detailed financial numbers from Henrys’  speech

Raghavendra -Grammarian – 80% usage of INCHMEAL, we can all find filler words in our speech

Rob -Timer – Limbo’d his report – not too many over times tonight.

Maria – gave positive feedback to all participants


Maria will be Toastmaster for next week, Aug 2nd

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Hawaii Day [2018July19 Meeting]

HAWAII DAY ,  was the theme for tonight

Everyone looked good in their Grass Skirts and Lei !

As Grace concluded,  let’s remember this heat we have been enjoying lately – no need to go to Hawaii to be as hot as them , remember this when its -40 C with the windchill!


Word of the day was Fiery –  adjective:

-consisting of fire or burning strongly and brightly.
-having the bright color of fire.
-(of a person) having a passionate, quick-tempered nature


Great Joke from Michel about what a Dog would do with an extra $10


Very tough questions from Rob the Table Topics Master –

something along these lines:

Linda: would buy more expensive things if no-one was judging her

Michel: would help the environment if he could get a Message across to a large group

Grace: Not afraid to learm from mistakes

Mario: Has more than one thing he hasn’t done and wanted to do

Mackenzie: If she could get away with anything for 24Hours might try shoplifting

Raghavendra : his most prized possession is his DSLR

Maria: Yoga helps her lose track of time by staying in the moment, in a good way, whereas  Rushing to meet deadlines makes her lose track of time in a bad way

Grace won the Table Topics Grass skirt prize !


Mackenzie was the General Evaluator and did a Great job  leading the team of:

Raghavendra-Quizmaster – proved we were good listeners

Maria-Grammarian – 6 uses of Fiery

Grace-Timer – very detailed report – thankyou



Mario will be Toastmaster for next week,

There may be a Executive meeting if we can all attend!

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House Chores! [2018June21 Meeting]

Linda was our esteem leader for the night.

We had one prepared pathway speech from Maria on a researched topic.  We learned new negotiation techniques and a couple of us (Rob the speech evaluator included) can use in the near future for buying a car (or anything you can afford!).

The theme for the night was “house chores”.  Everyone offered their opions of various house chores at table topics session lead by Raghavendra.  Tips below:
Linda – sweeping (don’t sweep your luck away on new years eve)
Grace – preparing a meal (or just thinking about what to eat or who to cook considered preparation)
Rob – washing dishes (always do the first wash at camping or water will get too greasy or dirty)
Michel – dusting (if you have pet, dust your pet first)
Maria – vacumming (get your dream vac that can dance, sing and clean)

Table topics winner was Michel and the ultimate cleaning tool, vaccum, that got mentioned multiple times during sweeping, dusting, cleaning…

Raghavendra also prepared a few humors for us.  Michel challenged us with a new word “ENTHRALL” which both “captivated” our attention and “enslaved” us to use it during the meeting.  The club measured up to this challenge and was also able to answer all quizmaster’s questions.  We finished meeting on-time…what more to say, thanks to everyone, we had a fun meeting.

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Start Investing for the Future [2018June14 Meeting]

INVEST FOR THE FUTURE  was the theme for tonight

 -Grace was the Toastmaster , she welcomed us all and our Special Guest Ron Servant our Division Governor 

-Ron gave a brief intro of himself

-Rob gave the invocation commenting that we make decisions based on whether we gain Enjoyable and Painless outcomes either immediately or for our futures.

-Mackenzie gave us the word of the day PERPETUITY -more commonly used as “the state or quality of lasting forever” , it was a hard word to use and was counted 4 times.

-Mackenzie gave us a Joke about a Turtle on a Post (very apropo!) and how similar it was to elected officials.

-Henry gave an interesting Innovation Corner about Edible Water bottles which will solve the water bottle waste problem!

-Ron led the installation of new Executive Officers ceremony with a very official swearing in of all the executives and the entire Club too !  We hope his vision of World Peace via Toastmasters grows and grows.

-Maria led an interesting Table Topics session , the order of speaker based on how many years they had been in Ottawa , Raghavendra had the least amount of years(first) and Mario had the most amount of years (last), all topics related somehow to Investing ,  either in financial terms or Personal terms.  Interesting Rule of investing from Warren Buffet:  Rule #1-Never Lose Money, Rule #2-Don’t Forget Rule #1 .  Some topics covered were – learning about not investing with our emotions, What would you do if you could go back 10yrs and invest, What would you invest in if you could go 100yrs in the future, Investing in our children, Is investing like watching paint dry or grass grow?

-Grace brought awesome snacks – Cheese/Crackers/Godiva Chocolates  -Wow -thanks so much for spoiling us!

-Linda led the Evaluation session, with Quiz Master by Raghavendra, Grammarian by Mario, Timer by Henry, and the overall summary by Linda.

-Ron reminded us it is OK to find specific things to improve upon, instead of just a generic “Great Job” , as only with constructive feedback can we create something better/stronger

-Maria handed out the shared Table Topics award to Grace and Ron for the evening.

-Linda gave us the Closing Thought.

 Lets help bring on World Peace !

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A Regal Meeting! Celebrating Monarchy [2018May31 Meeting]

Together we made a Regal and entertaining evening of Toastmasters !

-Raghavendra was the 1st time Toastmaster and handled the evening with Charm.  The Theme for the evening was Monarchy,  – did you know there are still 46 Monarchies in the world !

-Maria gave the invocation

Mario gave the Word of the Day : Regal -Adj-something related to or fit for a King/Queen

-Michel provided the humor with an interesting twist and definitions of Irritation/Aggravation and Frustration!
Mario provided an Innovation Corner – giving some inside scoops from Mitel’s Innovation Day!

-Linda introduced our Speaker Grace , who gave us a Icebreaker which revealed more and more details about Grace and her secret relationship with the English Monarchy!

-Henry led us on a Table Topics journey where we were all invited to the recent Regal Wedding and had to decide what gift we would give, Why and what words would we tell them.  We found out 3 people thought they were terrible gift givers, and 1 person thought they were a very thoughtful gift giver, Some gifts were the gift of a Photographic session, a home made Lasagna Dinner, a Child from World Vision to start their family , a Chinese Tea set, the gift of Time through learning better time management, and some custom made coasters.

-Thanks to Grace for the cookies at Break !

-Maria led as the General Evaluator , Linda gave a speech evaluation to Grace, Mario gave some quiz questions, Mario gave a Grammarian report, Michel gave the Timer report,  Maria noted all the participants tonight gave great co-operative support and we learned and practiced our skills so well together!

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May the Force be with you! [2018May03 Meeting]

We have the 1st ever “May the Fourth be with You” meeting.
Mario spent some time decorated and setup an alternate room for our meeting.  Introduced us to this great theme.  Thank you.  We have a few enthusiastic members came prepared with lightsaber/shirt.
This is Michel’s first innovation corner.  We learned lots about tiny organs grow from stem cells that can be used to advanced medical treatments for real organs.  He also challenge us to think if this type of innovation is a threat or blessings to human beings.
We are able to learn new facts about Star Wars.  Raghavendra lighten up the meeting with a few jokes about the movies and Mackenzie challenged us with not one but two new words “Zenith” and “Nadir” – The complete opposite of one another.  Grace had the honour to be the Table Topics master of the night.    We compared ourselves with the various Star Wars characters:
Michel – Just like Han Solo but not Wookiee
Mackenzie – not a Star Wars fan yet but learning the various characters
Raghavendra – based on his description of characters, the club thinks he is either Yoda or R2D2
Henry – describe himself as R2D2 but he definitely not Darth Vader
The best table topics winner went to Henry, congratulation!
We also grateful to have Henry as our general evaluator, leading a team of timer, grammarian and quizmaster giving us valuable feedback.
We had our nomination and vote for next year’s club exec:
Executive – Nominee (Nominated by/ Second) – vote
President – Grace (Mario/Reghavendra) – no objections – 1 vote by Mario
VP-Education – Reghavendra (Mario/Henry) – no objections – 1 vote by Mario
VP-Membership – Rob (Will check with Rob first)
VP-PR – Maria (Reghavendra/Grace) – no objections – 1 vote by Raghavendra
Secretary – Henry (Raghavendra/Michel) – no objections – 1 vote by Michel
Treasurer – Rob (Mario/ Henry) – no objections – 1 vote by Linda
Sergeant at Arms – Mario (Reghavendra/Michel) – no objections – 1 vote by Henry
In closing, we learned from Yoda:
“The greatest teacher, failure is”
“Fear is the path to the dark side.  Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering”
Something for us to ponder as toastmasters.  May the fourth be with you tomorrow.



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Effective Communication in Business

Are you interested in improving your communication skills? Are you interested in improving your leadership skills? Are you pressed for time?

Join us for open house @ HiTech Toastmasters in Kanata, for just over an hour, you will get a taste of how to effectively communicate in business, and in personal lives!

It takes just one hour and fifteen minutes per week, and you will be home in time for dinner. Come on Thursday and we will learn while having fun!

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

For more information, please contact us via email: or call us at 613-454-5536


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Meeting Summary – October 20, 2014

Minutes of Meeting – Oct 20 2014 by Jean Hutcheon

After I finally remembered to post the last minutes George came thru again with 3 weeks of agenda’s!!  We scrambled to cover the replacements for the night.

Linda agreed to be Toastmaster again – thank you!

Grace was our greeter.

Stephen gave us a toast to the Diversity in our group.

Jean read off the Word of the day Diversity – the inclusion of different types of people in a group or organization. Example: “Despite claims by news organizaion that they value and promote diversity, the numbers in the year’s study show 90 percent of newsroom supervisors from participating news organization were white.”

J.P. gave us a couple of 1 liner chuckles for Joke of the Day. 1 joke was “Titanic both looks good until they hit the ice!” We had a few laughs on how to pronounce our Theme Pot-pourri.

J.P. for Innovation Corner displayed his Powermonkey Extreme, waterproof rugged solar powered charger. It has 2 amp led display with lithium battery pack, 5/12 volt solar panel with cables for Input or output made in England.

Grace educated us on types of speeches, a Call for Action, Quotation, Tell a Story (personal anecdote), Ask Rhetorical (rethink) Questions, Refer to Beginning, Repeat Main Points e.g. As I said at the beginning…

Ali asked us a fun pot-pourri of questions for table topics.  J.P. won the vote with the most popular speech.

Vince handled the General Evaluator role with a good positive step by coming to the front even though we didn’t have a lecturn tonight.  He asked LInda for her Quiz Master report and Jean for her Grammarian Report and Rob his Timer Report.

Grace announced “Sail Into The Future” pins for the best clubs in her district.

Linda closed with a quote from Jean Rodenby “Diversit, part of life and something to enjoy.

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