Read A Book Day! [2018Sept07 Meeting]

Attendees (Sept 7, 2018)

  • Henry Hum
  • Maria Tao
  • Grace Wong
  • Rob Chalmers
  • Mario Melone


Theme: National Read A Book Day


Agenda Item Role Minutes
Welcome and Introduce Guests Toastmaster Grace greeted All and Kicked Off the Mtg on Schedule.

Grace updated 1 Role(s) due to regret(s), Henry was added as Timer.

There were no Guest(s) today.

Toast/Invocation Opening Speaker Grace Prepared a Toast related to our Theme: National Read A Book Day

She also mentioned about a 30 pg novel that her Son wrote and of her plans to read the Book “Crazy Rich Asians”

Word of the Day Wordmaster Henry presented us with the Word “Evocation”, which is an adjective often used to describe a book reading. The word means to “bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind”.

He challenged us to use the Word 10 times.

Joke of the Day Humourist Rob got us laughing with a Joke Regarding a Man, his Ostrich and his wishes
Innovation Corner Innovation Leader Maria enlightened us by speaking about the state of Health Care in Canada. She included some very interesting facts and statistics with data from WHO, the physician profession and comparison of the Health Benefits/Insurance Coverage between different Provinces.
Speaking Session    
Speech #1  
Introduce speech project/objectives Evaluator #1 NA
Introduce speaker Toastmaster NA
Speech/Presentation Speaker #1 NA
Silent evaluation Club  NA
Table Topics (4 x 2 min) Table Topics Master Mario asked members to speak on various topics related to our theme “Read A Book”.


He prepared the Room well by bringing a small Library of interesting books that appealed to all.


There was enough time for 2 rounds of Table Topics.


Each Members were asked to speak about a Unique Table Topic ranging from :

  • How and why you started reading
  • Favorite book(s)
  • Promoting a Book
  • The future of Books and Reading
  • What kind of book we could author
  • Books that should be read in Grade School
  • etc
Break All Delicious Treats were provided as usual. Thank u Grace
Evaluation Session
General Evaluator’s Introduces Eval. Team General Evaluator Maria introduced the Evaluation Team.

Maria and Team (Henry, Rob) gave an outstanding and detailed Report on each member.

Evaluate Speech #1 Evaluator #1 NA
Quiz Master Quizmaster Henry quizzed the Members. He thoroughly tested us in all areas.
Grammarian’s Report Grammarian Rob provided the Grammarian’s Report. He had excellent advice for all.

Henry used a lot of filler words during Table Topics.

Rob reported that the use of the “Word Of The Day” was used 9 times (5 times by Grace). Therefore, we were 1 short of target.

Timer Report Timer Henry provided the Timer’s Report. He detailed and reported on individual timings for each Member. Overall, the meeting was run on Schedule.
General Evaluator’s Report General Evaluator Maria wrapped up with a General Evaluation. Her detailed evaluation and feedback were much appreciated. She had lots of compliments on where we did well. She also had lots of feedback on areas to improve.
Closing Toastmaster
Table Topics Winner Table Topics Master Mario presented the Table Topics Award to Maria. Her table topic presentation on the Future Of Books and Reading was well presented.
Guests comments Guests NA
Announcements President NA
Agenda for upcoming meetings VP Education Unfortunately, Raghavendra will no longer be able to join us.

The next executive mtg is planned for Lunch Time on Friday, Sept 21

Announcements and recognition VP Membership Rob reminded us that Membership renewal is coming up.
Closing Thought Closing Speaker Henry concluded by speaking about the Theme and reminding us what a Book is. A book is not an email, tweet or website. In our spare time, we should put away the electronic devices and pick up a traditional Novel instead.
Meeting Adjourned


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