Hawaii Day [2018July19 Meeting]

HAWAII DAY ,  was the theme for tonight

Everyone looked good in their Grass Skirts and Lei !

As Grace concluded,  let’s remember this heat we have been enjoying lately – no need to go to Hawaii to be as hot as them , remember this when its -40 C with the windchill!


Word of the day was Fiery –  adjective:

-consisting of fire or burning strongly and brightly.
-having the bright color of fire.
-(of a person) having a passionate, quick-tempered nature


Great Joke from Michel about what a Dog would do with an extra $10


Very tough questions from Rob the Table Topics Master –

something along these lines:

Linda: would buy more expensive things if no-one was judging her

Michel: would help the environment if he could get a Message across to a large group

Grace: Not afraid to learm from mistakes

Mario: Has more than one thing he hasn’t done and wanted to do

Mackenzie: If she could get away with anything for 24Hours might try shoplifting

Raghavendra : his most prized possession is his DSLR

Maria: Yoga helps her lose track of time by staying in the moment, in a good way, whereas  Rushing to meet deadlines makes her lose track of time in a bad way

Grace won the Table Topics Grass skirt prize !


Mackenzie was the General Evaluator and did a Great job  leading the team of:

Raghavendra-Quizmaster – proved we were good listeners

Maria-Grammarian – 6 uses of Fiery

Grace-Timer – very detailed report – thankyou



Mario will be Toastmaster for next week,

There may be a Executive meeting if we can all attend!

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