All or Nothing Day! [2018July26 Meeting]

All or Nothing Day ,  was the theme for tonight


Last Minute Regrets from Michel, so Linda took over his quizmaster role.


Mario was Toastmaster , and explained how tonights theme was kind of a sequel to last weeks Table Topics session , dealing with Moral/Ethical questions that can carry over to this weeks living life to its fullest.


Grace led off – told us about Mission Impossible and how Tom Cruise gave it his all to fulfill his role in the movie without using stunt doubles, and how we can also Give Your All in our everyday lives, we don’t have to be a movie star.  We toasted to ALL or Nothing.


Word of the day from Raghavendra was INCHMEAL –  adverb :

by inches; little by little.
We were challenged to use the word 14 times (twice each) and got to within 80% of the target by nights’ end.


Great Joke from Linda keeping in line with the theme, about Stakes being too high and sometimes people choose not to jump for it, and that’s ok too.


Henry gave an Enlightening Innovation Corner all about Solar Panels for the  home, and how you can generate electricity and $$ for yourself, the ROI is slow and a roommate might be less trouble than Solar Panels.


Mario had an All or Nothing Challenge that was offered to the group, Maria bravely accepted All , She opened a mysterious noisy box that she had to agree to take home with her, much to everyones relief a toy was making the noise and Maria got a bag of Werthers Candies as a reward.


Then Grace was asked to take over the Table Topics session as Mackenzie was away tending to an injured Turtle.  Hope he/she is OK!

we all got a chance to tell a story about :

Raghavendra : Going away to Mars

Henry: Limbo dancing with Barney the Purple Dinosaur and his daughter

Linda: The subtle difference between being a Head Chef and having your Head cut off

Maria: Happy receiving a sick Dog and Crying when it died the next day

Rob:  He is not argumentative but will talk it out , especially at the Bar.

Mario: His son was the goalie against Wayne Gretzky and other NHLers.

Mario won the Table Topics prize !


Grace – brought some awesome home made Lemon Poppy Seed Cake


Maria was the General Evaluator and did a Great job  leading the team of:

Linda – Quizmaster – proved we were good listeners, we had to remember detailed financial numbers from Henrys’  speech

Raghavendra -Grammarian – 80% usage of INCHMEAL, we can all find filler words in our speech

Rob -Timer – Limbo’d his report – not too many over times tonight.

Maria – gave positive feedback to all participants


Maria will be Toastmaster for next week, Aug 2nd

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