Start Investing for the Future [2018June14 Meeting]

INVEST FOR THE FUTURE  was the theme for tonight

 -Grace was the Toastmaster , she welcomed us all and our Special Guest Ron Servant our Division Governor 

-Ron gave a brief intro of himself

-Rob gave the invocation commenting that we make decisions based on whether we gain Enjoyable and Painless outcomes either immediately or for our futures.

-Mackenzie gave us the word of the day PERPETUITY -more commonly used as “the state or quality of lasting forever” , it was a hard word to use and was counted 4 times.

-Mackenzie gave us a Joke about a Turtle on a Post (very apropo!) and how similar it was to elected officials.

-Henry gave an interesting Innovation Corner about Edible Water bottles which will solve the water bottle waste problem!

-Ron led the installation of new Executive Officers ceremony with a very official swearing in of all the executives and the entire Club too !  We hope his vision of World Peace via Toastmasters grows and grows.

-Maria led an interesting Table Topics session , the order of speaker based on how many years they had been in Ottawa , Raghavendra had the least amount of years(first) and Mario had the most amount of years (last), all topics related somehow to Investing ,  either in financial terms or Personal terms.  Interesting Rule of investing from Warren Buffet:  Rule #1-Never Lose Money, Rule #2-Don’t Forget Rule #1 .  Some topics covered were – learning about not investing with our emotions, What would you do if you could go back 10yrs and invest, What would you invest in if you could go 100yrs in the future, Investing in our children, Is investing like watching paint dry or grass grow?

-Grace brought awesome snacks – Cheese/Crackers/Godiva Chocolates  -Wow -thanks so much for spoiling us!

-Linda led the Evaluation session, with Quiz Master by Raghavendra, Grammarian by Mario, Timer by Henry, and the overall summary by Linda.

-Ron reminded us it is OK to find specific things to improve upon, instead of just a generic “Great Job” , as only with constructive feedback can we create something better/stronger

-Maria handed out the shared Table Topics award to Grace and Ron for the evening.

-Linda gave us the Closing Thought.

 Lets help bring on World Peace !

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