House Chores! [2018June21 Meeting]

Linda was our esteem leader for the night.

We had one prepared pathway speech from Maria on a researched topic.  We learned new negotiation techniques and a couple of us (Rob the speech evaluator included) can use in the near future for buying a car (or anything you can afford!).

The theme for the night was “house chores”.  Everyone offered their opions of various house chores at table topics session lead by Raghavendra.  Tips below:
Linda – sweeping (don’t sweep your luck away on new years eve)
Grace – preparing a meal (or just thinking about what to eat or who to cook considered preparation)
Rob – washing dishes (always do the first wash at camping or water will get too greasy or dirty)
Michel – dusting (if you have pet, dust your pet first)
Maria – vacumming (get your dream vac that can dance, sing and clean)

Table topics winner was Michel and the ultimate cleaning tool, vaccum, that got mentioned multiple times during sweeping, dusting, cleaning…

Raghavendra also prepared a few humors for us.  Michel challenged us with a new word “ENTHRALL” which both “captivated” our attention and “enslaved” us to use it during the meeting.  The club measured up to this challenge and was also able to answer all quizmaster’s questions.  We finished meeting on-time…what more to say, thanks to everyone, we had a fun meeting.

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