A Regal Meeting! Celebrating Monarchy [2018May31 Meeting]

Together we made a Regal and entertaining evening of Toastmasters !

-Raghavendra was the 1st time Toastmaster and handled the evening with Charm.  The Theme for the evening was Monarchy,  – did you know there are still 46 Monarchies in the world !

-Maria gave the invocation

Mario gave the Word of the Day : Regal -Adj-something related to or fit for a King/Queen

-Michel provided the humor with an interesting twist and definitions of Irritation/Aggravation and Frustration!
Mario provided an Innovation Corner – giving some inside scoops from Mitel’s Innovation Day!

-Linda introduced our Speaker Grace , who gave us a Icebreaker which revealed more and more details about Grace and her secret relationship with the English Monarchy!

-Henry led us on a Table Topics journey where we were all invited to the recent Regal Wedding and had to decide what gift we would give, Why and what words would we tell them.  We found out 3 people thought they were terrible gift givers, and 1 person thought they were a very thoughtful gift giver, Some gifts were the gift of a Photographic session, a home made Lasagna Dinner, a Child from World Vision to start their family , a Chinese Tea set, the gift of Time through learning better time management, and some custom made coasters.

-Thanks to Grace for the cookies at Break !

-Maria led as the General Evaluator , Linda gave a speech evaluation to Grace, Mario gave some quiz questions, Mario gave a Grammarian report, Michel gave the Timer report,  Maria noted all the participants tonight gave great co-operative support and we learned and practiced our skills so well together!

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