May the Force be with you! [2018May03 Meeting]

We have the 1st ever “May the Fourth be with You” meeting.
Mario spent some time decorated and setup an alternate room for our meeting.  Introduced us to this great theme.  Thank you.  We have a few enthusiastic members came prepared with lightsaber/shirt.
This is Michel’s first innovation corner.  We learned lots about tiny organs grow from stem cells that can be used to advanced medical treatments for real organs.  He also challenge us to think if this type of innovation is a threat or blessings to human beings.
We are able to learn new facts about Star Wars.  Raghavendra lighten up the meeting with a few jokes about the movies and Mackenzie challenged us with not one but two new words “Zenith” and “Nadir” – The complete opposite of one another.  Grace had the honour to be the Table Topics master of the night.    We compared ourselves with the various Star Wars characters:
Michel – Just like Han Solo but not Wookiee
Mackenzie – not a Star Wars fan yet but learning the various characters
Raghavendra – based on his description of characters, the club thinks he is either Yoda or R2D2
Henry – describe himself as R2D2 but he definitely not Darth Vader
The best table topics winner went to Henry, congratulation!
We also grateful to have Henry as our general evaluator, leading a team of timer, grammarian and quizmaster giving us valuable feedback.
We had our nomination and vote for next year’s club exec:
Executive – Nominee (Nominated by/ Second) – vote
President – Grace (Mario/Reghavendra) – no objections – 1 vote by Mario
VP-Education – Reghavendra (Mario/Henry) – no objections – 1 vote by Mario
VP-Membership – Rob (Will check with Rob first)
VP-PR – Maria (Reghavendra/Grace) – no objections – 1 vote by Raghavendra
Secretary – Henry (Raghavendra/Michel) – no objections – 1 vote by Michel
Treasurer – Rob (Mario/ Henry) – no objections – 1 vote by Linda
Sergeant at Arms – Mario (Reghavendra/Michel) – no objections – 1 vote by Henry
In closing, we learned from Yoda:
“The greatest teacher, failure is”
“Fear is the path to the dark side.  Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering”
Something for us to ponder as toastmasters.  May the fourth be with you tomorrow.



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