Meeting Summary – October 6, 2014

George apologized for the last minute agenda this morning and there was a flurry of cancellations.
Linda agreed to be Toastmaster and efficiently settled in to assign the remaining tasks.

Chau made a toast to our theme Folklore which is exclaimed that he didn’t like and this brought laughter from the audience. So he asked us to raise our imaginary glasses to toast “Having fun”!
Chau was also our Grammarian and explained the word of the day “Coffice”. Meaning – cafĂ© that a customer uses as a place in which to conduct business. Acceptable ‘coffice’ etiquette states that something must be ordered during your stay.

Boris, our new member told us a joke about how he was off sick and when he came back his boss was so happy he had saved him so much money. His boss said that he saved a phone bill, electricity, etc. It was suggested he could take more time off but his manager did not agree. There were a few chuckles from everyone.

Rob explained how the “Post It Note” was created in error trying to make a stronger glue in the Innovation Corner.

George spoke on Grey Goose Beer being sued by Grey Goose Vodka at a Public Relations general meeting. He said he couldn’t understand how there could be a mix up between the two. He went on to explain how Grey Goose Beer was made in an India River where everyone washes and cremation ashes are dumped. He has us all doubled over in laughter! Rob evaluated George’s speech and said his topic and delivery was excellent. Rob said he could improve with a bit more introduction and what his goal was for his speech.

Stephen explained that he was asked and prepared his speech in 15 minutes. He talked about his experience as an Evaluation Contestant at the competition on Saturday. Four things he learned: Prepare, Listen, Focus, and Present. Jean evaluated Stephen by saying he was the most relaxed she has seen him speak. Stephen was waving his hands while walking around before coming back to the podium. He could improve by summarizing his 4 points. Well done!

John agreed to be Table Topic Master and had us all giving a story on our cultural folklore. Linda started with her rice cakes in grape leaves that are thrown in the water to lure the fish away from the person who drowned. John explained that this Chinese holiday is also celebrated in Ottawa as the Dragon Boat Festival!
Stephen explained Newfoundland’s backward day where the country people dress in old clothes inside out or backwards. The neighbour’s had to guess who you were and then there was food and rum. By the end of the night everyone was 4 sheets to the wind.
Boris talked about his country folklore,
Arshdeep another new member talked about India and lots of money spent on firecrackers and
George talked about Finland where they celebrate the solstice of 24 hours of light.
Jean talked about Robbie Burn’s Day January 25 and how the celebration starts with an ode to the haggis. There is a tradition that any true Scottish household will welcome any guest anytime on Robbie Burn’s Day.
Stephen won the best folklore!!

Jean was the General Evaluator. I have John listed as Quizmaster but I seem to remember Boris was up asking questions to the speakers. Can anyone confirm this?
Chau was our Grammarian and reminded us of our Uhms & Ahs.
Arshdeep did any excellent job as a new member to be the Timer for the night. Thank you!!

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