Meeting Summary – October 20, 2014

Minutes of Meeting – Oct 20 2014 by Jean Hutcheon

After I finally remembered to post the last minutes George came thru again with 3 weeks of agenda’s!!  We scrambled to cover the replacements for the night.

Linda agreed to be Toastmaster again – thank you!

Grace was our greeter.

Stephen gave us a toast to the Diversity in our group.

Jean read off the Word of the day Diversity – the inclusion of different types of people in a group or organization. Example: “Despite claims by news organizaion that they value and promote diversity, the numbers in the year’s study show 90 percent of newsroom supervisors from participating news organization were white.”

J.P. gave us a couple of 1 liner chuckles for Joke of the Day. 1 joke was “Titanic both looks good until they hit the ice!” We had a few laughs on how to pronounce our Theme Pot-pourri.

J.P. for Innovation Corner displayed his Powermonkey Extreme, waterproof rugged solar powered charger. It has 2 amp led display with lithium battery pack, 5/12 volt solar panel with cables for Input or output made in England.

Grace educated us on types of speeches, a Call for Action, Quotation, Tell a Story (personal anecdote), Ask Rhetorical (rethink) Questions, Refer to Beginning, Repeat Main Points e.g. As I said at the beginning…

Ali asked us a fun pot-pourri of questions for table topics.  J.P. won the vote with the most popular speech.

Vince handled the General Evaluator role with a good positive step by coming to the front even though we didn’t have a lecturn tonight.  He asked LInda for her Quiz Master report and Jean for her Grammarian Report and Rob his Timer Report.

Grace announced “Sail Into The Future” pins for the best clubs in her district.

Linda closed with a quote from Jean Rodenby “Diversit, part of life and something to enjoy.

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