Meeting Summary, Jan. 13, 2014 (by George)

Meeting Summary, Jan. 13, 2014 (by George) 

Jean has become a new Member congratulations Jean!

The meeting began 5 mins behind schedule – with Jason handling the reshuffling of the agenda very adroitly. Kevin, Anthony, Dat, Andrew and Yves were ill.

The theme of the meeting was New Year Resolutions and was aptly toasted by JP

Word of the day was ‘pragmatic’ which means ‘practical’.

Humor lead by George – told a story of how an elderly couple when travelling seemed to have the wife in tow. At the restaurant, the husband ate first and then the wife. An enraged onlooker challenged the old – lady – who said – they only had one pair of dentures so one had to wait.

Innovation corner – Jason – described the ultra sound device – and focused on its ability to have a resolution in the nanometer range. He focused on the fact that to achieve this required high voltage at the ultrasound head, and the innovations that went in to dissipate the heat were remarkable.

JP had a great speech # 3 titled – an answer to repairing the electronic waste which is at 270 million tonnes per year – from North America alone.

George had an entertaining speech “Will you marry me!” – conclusion was hasty as there was a timer error that caused him to terminate the speech on schedule

Best Table topics was awarded to Grace and Kudos to Stephen and Jean for good answers.

Stephen did a wonderful job as quiz masters and made us dig deep to recollect all the details of the meeting.

Feb 10 is the International speech competition and Possibly the Table topics contest. George will chair the contests.

Next meeting at the Ericsson Campus.

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