Meeting summary on Dec. 2, 2013 (by Grace)

If you missed this Monday`s meeting, you will find out below what happen to our winter.  Apparently, according to Kevin, “WINTER IS HERE TO STAY!“ 

We have a few honorary guests for the night including Leona Hamel., Shelly Hoye and John Gupta.

Kevin started the meeting and make us feel welcome.  Jason has stepped in as the opening speaker and propose a toast to our love for winter.  Rob challenge us on using a new word ‘Penchant’ which means ‘a strong liking for something or tendency to do something’.  Grace as a humorist lighten up the meeting with a joke that at -500 degree, hells freeze over but Toronto Maple Leave wins the Stanley Cup.  George is our innovation leader who introduced the new way of delivering goods by drones.  Guarantee fast delivery by air.

We have two speakers for the night with John Gupta delivering an persuasive speech to encourage us to consider using micro-financing to help the poor to get out of poverty.   Jason presented his current view of his work environment and reflect on his response to his experience.  Shelly then lead us to practice our impromptu speaking as table topic master:
Anthony – found it hard to reason why we want to warm up the house but complain about the heat.
JP – had escaped winter by traveling to the south or joined winter by skiing and other winter outdoor activities
George – he agreed with a quote that winter brings out characters.  Winter actually let you reflect and may lead to new visions.
Rob – if he was given a choice to enjoy winter or moan & groan when it  comes.  Rob chose to embrace winter and have some fun.
Grace – will only enjoy snow like a Texan when she first saw snow.
Leona lead the team of evaluators to give feedback to the various parts of the meeting: Leona as evaluator for John G.`s speech, John Xu as evaluator for Jason`s speech, JP our timer and Anthony our grammarian.  We also have George as quizmaster to test our listening skill.
Congratulations to Rob for winning the table topic by showing us how to embrace winter and have fun.  Kevin adjourned the meeting with a thought to prepare us all that Winter is here.   Thank you all for participating and contributing to the meeting and hope to see you all next meeting.

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